Saturday, June 28, 2008

boys vs. girls

As a pre-statement to this blog....yes this is Jackie and yes this is all true.

As another pre-statement to this blog: Dave Drowns is one of the best "cooks" I know and love!

And now, the blog...

Mom (tying up trash bag, and handing it over): Whooooo this garbage is smelly! Haley, take this trash to the dumpster.
Haley: But, I'm a girl and that's a boy's job.
Mom: Ummmm, not in this house. There is no difference between boy and girl jobs here.
Haley: But boys take out the trash, girls cook. Boys hate to cook.

3 minutes go by...

Mom: Haley will you please wash your hands and empty out the dishwasher.
Haley: Ahhhh, why can't Parker do it?
Mom: Because that is more of a girl job.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Adventure

Oh what a fun weekend! First I went to many a garage sale--I mean is there any other way to start the weekend? I think not.
Then Haley, Addison and I traveled to Charleston, IL, to see my brother in law graduate! CONGRATULATIONS Justin!

Holly had a great BBQ party in his honor that was YUMMY!

We spent the night with my friend Jackie and had loads of fun there! I am not a kidding. The girls found a mouse--YES-- a mouse in the basement window well and made it their lifetime (okay only an hour or two, but to girls their age, it seemed like a lifetime) mission to save the critter. They thought about the best form of action and then I stepped in and saved them from hours of less effective work. I am such a good and helpful mom:) After the saving, the mouse stuck around and the kids fed him and built him a dandy-lion house. It was a good hour of entertainment. --Every mothers dream, a rabies, germ infested toy. Anyway, here is the saved Critter.

Jackie's neighbor came over to check him out and brought his daughters bunny---Buttercup--for the kids to see and pet. It was the cutest, softest little thing!

After these events, Haley says, "Mom, we need another rodent."

Ahhh, just the words I wanted to hear!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Office Pranks

We are a pretty close "team" at work. There are 9 females and 1 male so you can imagine the dynamics! As most of you know, I have a kinda' warped sense of humor. The following will illistrate that but first I have to give a bit of a background so you understand the extent these "harmless" office pranks really are.
It all started when I had a patient who is in litigation with the American Mechanical Bull Association (thats another story) call and request her chart be faxed to her lawyer. She asked me to also send her a copy. About 3 days later, she called in a frazzel because I sent her lawyer "too much information". On the same chart page where her mechanical bull injury was documented, there were notes from the hygienist documenting the patients progress w/ her fight w/ breast cancer. (Chemo therapy weakens teeth) To make a very long story short, she threatened to sue our office for a HIPPA violation. Later that day, I received a call from our "companies owner". He informed me that the companies lawyers were notified of the matter, etc. Well, it turns out it was one of the dental assistants and the office manager having a little fun at my expense.
About 4 months later, everyone was at lunch and I was working the front desk checking in that afternoons patients. A police woman was one of those patients. I sent her in the break room to "arrest" my office manager. She went in the break room and told Janet(the OM) that she had some bad news. Unfortunatly, the cop took it a little far and had the Janet in tears!! Boy, that was awkward!! Little did I know they were in the break room talking about a recent car accident in the news paper and Janets husband was traveling that week!! When the cop said "bad news" all Janet could think was "who died in a car accident?". No more pranks for me! I learned my lesson. Of course, we all can laugh about it now!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A little appology to all my fans:

Sorry I haven't had time to blog lately!! Dave and I have decided to sell the house and possibly build again so we have been working on finishing the basement and cleaning house!! I know, I know, I need to get my priorities straight. As for more office humor, I think this weather is playing its toll on all the charm of the public. The patients have been more grumpy than usual which in turn, makes me a little grumpy too!! No one is being funny, just rude. The good news is that warm weather is on its way and that's when the crazies come out!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

More office humor

"Delores" was scheduled for a denture reline (we send the denture to the lab and they customize it to fit better). She called about a 1/2 hour before her appointment all frazzled because she didn't remember where she had put her denture. I rescheduled her for the next day and told her to call me if she finds it in the mean while. About an hour later, I got a call from "Delores". She was all excited about finding her denture. I shared her joy then asked where she had left it. She said, " You know, I made cookies yesterday and spread pretty pink frosting on the tops. I put all the cookies on a plate. I must have mistaken my denture for a cookie because I found it mixed in with the cookies."

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

office humor

So, as many of you know, I am a receptionist at a dental office. I swear I could write a book about the many "interesting people" I meet and deal with!! Some of the stories no one would believe, others no one would understand if you weren't there. None the less, there are a few I thought would be fun to blog about. Of course, the names have been changed to protect the innocent (and not-so innocent) as mandated by the HIPPA law I've promised to obey.

A few months ago, I had a patient come in to pick up a denture we had sent to the lab to be repaired. For those of you who have been to a nursing home before, you know they sometimes impregnate a strip of paper with the owners name typed on it into the roof of the upper denture . The name is printed in something like a 5 font on about a 1/2 inch sliver of paper. Upon handing "Dave" his denture he asked me what it would cost to have the name removed. I told him I didn't know. No one has ever asked for it to be removed before. He proceeded to explain that he didn't like his personal information just out there like that. I told him I would check on it and get back with him about that. As he turned to walk away, I noticed he had a thick leather belt with the letters D-A-V-E printed in big bold letters across the back.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Eggs!!

We finally colored our Easter eggs tonight!! This is the first year all the kids are old enough that I didn't dread this annual tradition. In the past, there's always been at least one kid who didn't quite get the idea that if the dye can stain an egg and your fingers, it certainly can dye clothes, carpet, counters, and etc. We topped off the night with egg salad sandwiches. The only problem now is airing out the house. It smells like a giant stink bomb exploded in the kitchen. Anyway, Happy Easter from the Drowns family.