Monday, March 10, 2008

Gettin' With The Times

Well, I'm taking the plunge and joining the ranks of my fellow bloggers. Your blogs have inspired me and shone me the way a modern woman expresses her joys, frustrations, and expressions of comical relief. Well, actually, my sister Holly came this weekend, set it up for me, and told me to get typing.

My actual intent is to lessen the guilt I feel for not having sent a Christmas letter since Parker was born. He's eight by the way. I figure this site will replace the need for such a mailing. The truth is I hate Christmas letters. I lovingly refer to them as annual brag letters. The only one who acutally benefits from them is the US Postal Service. If anyone is currently feeling offended by this statement, I wasn't talking about YOUR Christmas letter I was talking about someone elses. =)

To catch anyone up who cares, we have 3 kids now. Haley is 10, Parker is 8 and Addison is 5. My kids are all beautiful, talented, and very intelligent! See what I mean!!
Anyway, Dave is working as a sales and service rep for American Medical Alert Corp. He teases that he's "practically a doctor". (Just ask any of his clients) Actulally, Dave installs help buttons for the elderly and handicaped. He travels all over Illinois installing, servicing, and removing these units from people's homes. He enjoys what he does and has been doing it for 9 1/2 yrs now. I work at a dental office as a business assistant (that's fancy for secretary). I've been there 1 1/2 yrs now and like it fine. I'd rather still be at home w/ my kids but life's not always perfect.

We live in Springfield but my kids go to the same school I attended as a kid. (Rochester) We live in a home Dave built for us about 4 yrs ago after we lost our other home in a flood. That's a whole other story.

Well, that the Drowns' story in a nut shell. Stay posted. There's more where that came from! =)


Holly said...

YEA!! I like it, I like it!!

Marci said...

Love it, love it! btw, Remember When is one of my all time favorite songs!