Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Adventure

Oh what a fun weekend! First I went to many a garage sale--I mean is there any other way to start the weekend? I think not.
Then Haley, Addison and I traveled to Charleston, IL, to see my brother in law graduate! CONGRATULATIONS Justin!

Holly had a great BBQ party in his honor that was YUMMY!

We spent the night with my friend Jackie and had loads of fun there! I am not a kidding. The girls found a mouse--YES-- a mouse in the basement window well and made it their lifetime (okay only an hour or two, but to girls their age, it seemed like a lifetime) mission to save the critter. They thought about the best form of action and then I stepped in and saved them from hours of less effective work. I am such a good and helpful mom:) After the saving, the mouse stuck around and the kids fed him and built him a dandy-lion house. It was a good hour of entertainment. --Every mothers dream, a rabies, germ infested toy. Anyway, here is the saved Critter.

Jackie's neighbor came over to check him out and brought his daughters bunny---Buttercup--for the kids to see and pet. It was the cutest, softest little thing!

After these events, Haley says, "Mom, we need another rodent."

Ahhh, just the words I wanted to hear!