Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekend Adventure

Oh what a fun weekend! First I went to many a garage sale--I mean is there any other way to start the weekend? I think not.
Then Haley, Addison and I traveled to Charleston, IL, to see my brother in law graduate! CONGRATULATIONS Justin!

Holly had a great BBQ party in his honor that was YUMMY!

We spent the night with my friend Jackie and had loads of fun there! I am not a kidding. The girls found a mouse--YES-- a mouse in the basement window well and made it their lifetime (okay only an hour or two, but to girls their age, it seemed like a lifetime) mission to save the critter. They thought about the best form of action and then I stepped in and saved them from hours of less effective work. I am such a good and helpful mom:) After the saving, the mouse stuck around and the kids fed him and built him a dandy-lion house. It was a good hour of entertainment. --Every mothers dream, a rabies, germ infested toy. Anyway, here is the saved Critter.

Jackie's neighbor came over to check him out and brought his daughters bunny---Buttercup--for the kids to see and pet. It was the cutest, softest little thing!

After these events, Haley says, "Mom, we need another rodent."

Ahhh, just the words I wanted to hear!


Anonymous said...

ahhh, it was an adventurous weekend, but also very relaxing! Please come back soon--besides, if Illini comes back he's gonna need the help!

RitterB's said...

Are you kidding me? I would have left the thing there to DIE!

Drowns Family said...

I just love how Jackie blogs for me since I haven't done it for so long!! Thanks Jackie!! I have a few scrap books that need updated too. Let me know when you're ready for them.

Anonymous said...

ha ha girl! shesh, I go to all the trouble to make it sound like you and then you tell the world my secret:) I just could not let Haley's comment go unread by the world, it was so cute!!!

RitterB's said...

Ok... are you kidding me!?!? You are having your fried blog for you?!?!? Alright cousin take a moment and tell us something for real! Or should I say Jackie? Am I ever going to know the truth? I feel so violated!

Anonymous said...

ritterb this is for real--H did say this and these events took place exactly as I said, I promise!!! Ash would have probably said the same thing anyway, I mean Dave does call us Jackash