Saturday, April 19, 2008

Office Pranks

We are a pretty close "team" at work. There are 9 females and 1 male so you can imagine the dynamics! As most of you know, I have a kinda' warped sense of humor. The following will illistrate that but first I have to give a bit of a background so you understand the extent these "harmless" office pranks really are.
It all started when I had a patient who is in litigation with the American Mechanical Bull Association (thats another story) call and request her chart be faxed to her lawyer. She asked me to also send her a copy. About 3 days later, she called in a frazzel because I sent her lawyer "too much information". On the same chart page where her mechanical bull injury was documented, there were notes from the hygienist documenting the patients progress w/ her fight w/ breast cancer. (Chemo therapy weakens teeth) To make a very long story short, she threatened to sue our office for a HIPPA violation. Later that day, I received a call from our "companies owner". He informed me that the companies lawyers were notified of the matter, etc. Well, it turns out it was one of the dental assistants and the office manager having a little fun at my expense.
About 4 months later, everyone was at lunch and I was working the front desk checking in that afternoons patients. A police woman was one of those patients. I sent her in the break room to "arrest" my office manager. She went in the break room and told Janet(the OM) that she had some bad news. Unfortunatly, the cop took it a little far and had the Janet in tears!! Boy, that was awkward!! Little did I know they were in the break room talking about a recent car accident in the news paper and Janets husband was traveling that week!! When the cop said "bad news" all Janet could think was "who died in a car accident?". No more pranks for me! I learned my lesson. Of course, we all can laugh about it now!


Marci said...

When you were telling that story - I had no idea it was a prank on you! That is pretty funny - especially the part about the American Mechanical Bull Association :)

Anonymous said...

enough about the office---i want to know how your family is!!!

Holly said...

Baby Ash, where you be? Time to update! And I am with Jackie! Spice up your blog!