Saturday, June 28, 2008

boys vs. girls

As a pre-statement to this blog....yes this is Jackie and yes this is all true.

As another pre-statement to this blog: Dave Drowns is one of the best "cooks" I know and love!

And now, the blog...

Mom (tying up trash bag, and handing it over): Whooooo this garbage is smelly! Haley, take this trash to the dumpster.
Haley: But, I'm a girl and that's a boy's job.
Mom: Ummmm, not in this house. There is no difference between boy and girl jobs here.
Haley: But boys take out the trash, girls cook. Boys hate to cook.

3 minutes go by...

Mom: Haley will you please wash your hands and empty out the dishwasher.
Haley: Ahhhh, why can't Parker do it?
Mom: Because that is more of a girl job.


RitterB's said...

Well Jackie... I must thank you for helping me keep up to date on my LAMO cousin! Just a little FYI Ashley... I check your blog almost daily. It's been a long time.

Drowns Family said...

ashley, this was so funny! just reading it again is making me laugh--also girl--i have to admit, this rascal flatt song--i do indeed like!

Marci said...

HA HA HA!!! It just goes to prove that all children will do anything to get out of helping :) Mine are the best.

Robin and Don said...

I hate to tell you but you have been tagged. I think I will actually be getting Jackie back though for tagging me originally!=) Good thinking huh? You can see my blog for more information.


Holly said...

This blog is a disappointment!